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The country of The Netherlands is situated in Western Europe, on the North Sea. Most of The Netherlands is low and flat, with part of the country being below sea level, and this is where the famous Dutch dykes are in use. Amsterdam is capital city of The Netherlands and The Hague is the seat of government.






There is a wealth of accommodation in The Netherlands to suit all travellers including budget lodging, travel lodges, bed and breakfast and luxury hotels. Places to visit in The Netherlands are endless and there is something to suit everyone with sporting venues, walking trails, museums, landmarks, monuments, festivals, carnivals, and quality shopping.



The Netherlands has a long and rich heritage and there are numerous places of interest to visit that include Rotterdam, Alkmaar, The Hague, Edam, Gouda, Delft, Haarlem and Amsterdam - one of Europe's most popular cities featuring a wealth of attractions including historic sites, mumeums, art galleries, entertainment, pubs, nightlife and of course canals.



You think of two things when you think of Holland: wooden shoes and tulips. Today, tulips win out, and thousands of tourists come to the Netherlands to see them. Here are some quick tips for seeing fields of the colorful flowers.



When is the best time to see the Tulips in Holland?

Tulips usually bloom between late April and the middle of May. The actual time is quite dependent upon weather. It might be helpful to follow sites like Veldheers, which grows tulips and hosts visitors and tulip festivals.


Where can I go to see Tulips Bloom?

The most popular place in Holland to see tulips bloom is Keukenhof Gardens (Official Website).

You can also visit the tulip fields of Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Sassenheim, just north of Leiden.